Chartered Structural Engineer

Providing site inspections and engineering consultancy services to homeowners, builders, designers, architects:

    • Wall removals, renovations and extensions
    • Structural movement in buildings and cracking investigations
    • Retaining walls and freestanding walls (screen walls, etc.)
    • Unauthorized structures (patios, carports, etc.)
    • Pre-purchase structural inspections
    • Dilapidation surveys
    • Structural adequacy reports
    • Roof frame inspections
    • Compliance inspections
    • Underpinning - Investigation and Design
    • First floor residential additions
    • Expert building reports and construction advice

VTP Engineering’s core business is in providing specialist up-to-date, efficient and economic structural engineering services to the residential construction sector.

The practice has been structured to provide a complete in-house engineering service, inclusive of site investigations, structural performance investigations, detailed design and or certification of homes, additions or other residential type structures (retaining walls, fences, etc); thus providing the public and builders with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for engineering services, allowing for shorter construction start times and lower client costs.

VTP Engineering offers consultancy services to people ‘off the street’. For instance, if you wish to construct a screen or retaining wall on your property, council requirements may require the wall to be constructed in accordance with a certified engineering drawing. If you contact VTP Engineering, we would provide a certified drawing satisfying your requirements and the councils requirements. Additionally, we can certify existing structures to council requirements within days provided reasonably detailed and accurate drawings are provided. If no such drawings exist, we can arrange for a inspection of the structure upon which we can base the certification.

Let the engineers come to you! - we provide site services promptly, when and where an engineer is required on site.
We will provide a fair and unbiased service. We will be prompt, reliable and always endeavour to be as helpful as possible.

When you contact us we will ensure your issues and matters will be handled in a professional and timely manner.

Tailored    Consulting    Solutions

“I am very pleased to recommend Sebastian Chira (VTP Engineering) as he was efficient is his work came on time and done a very good job. His drawings came through very fast which help us get them to council. He did a great job and happy to recommend his work to anyone.”