VTP Engineering provides practical solutions in the following areas of practice:

Unauthorised Structures

unauthorised patioRetrospective approvals are required by local authorities for structures built without approval. An inspection is conducted to check on site the size and the spacing of the members used. After carrying out the engineering calculations to check the adequacy of the members to withstand the expected loads a report is produced. If any remedial works are required advice is provided. A revisit to site may be required to certify that the remedial works have been completed in an acceptable manner.

Wall Removal and Renovations

wall removalTo ensure the suitability of your renovation project numerous design factors need to be carefully considered.

The removal of walls is not a difficult process as the support which the walls would typically be providing could be replaced by the insertion of appropriate size beams upon which all existing loads  would be transferred.

A technical report with all the specifications and construction methodologies will be produced after the site inspection.

Retaining Walls and Freestanding Walls

retaining wallBoth gravity retaining walls (limestone or mass brick) or cantilever walls (precast post and panel retaining systems) sometimes are not performing adequately due to lack of understanding of the principles involved when the walls had been originally built. As a result, the walls may start to lean and cracks may develop. A site investigation will determine the cause of the problem and will allow for solutions to be provided.

Wall Cracking Investigations and Building Movements

cracked housesThe causes of structural damage are not always related to foundation and subsoil movement. Damage can result from a combination of different factors. The significance, severity, prognosis and remedial action are likely to be different for the various causes, therefore a correct identification of the cause is essential.

The main objectives of cracking investigations are: to establish as to whether the damage is significant or not, to determine whether any continuing movement will be worse, similar, or less significant than existing damage and to consider if anything more than repairs to the super-structure is required.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase InspectionsThe purpose of this survey is to assess the condition of an existing structure in order to formulate an opinion on its safety, stability and requirement for repairs (if any).

Having a pre-purchase structural inspection will give you a greater understanding of the condition of the property before you buy, giving you the peace of mind of knowing better what you are purchasing.

Getting as much information as you can before signing the contract means also that any future repairs can be more accurately budgeted or, if there are some problems with the structure, a reduction in the purchase price could be negotiated.

At VTP Engineering we have a policy of being upfront with our clients in relation to costs.

Where we can provide you with an estimation we will, but in most circumstances we are not in a position to provide a fix quote. The price is determined on a project-by-project basis and will be based on complexity.

The best way to find out about the costs involved in your particular case is to book a site meeting to discuss your requests. Our aim is to work with you to understand your requirements and provide the most affordable price.

Site inspections take place between Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm.

We appreciate we all have busy lives working, together with family responsibilities and therefore we would appreciate your time for a site visit being arranged during this time frame. After hours emergency support service could be arranged, however the fees will be adjusted accordingly.